Adding OpenAPI specs

๐Ÿ“– You can read our official documentation about OpenAPI documentation here.

Doctave can generate documentation from your OpenAPI specifications. In fact, this demo project includes an example OpenAPI specification!

Include your OpenAPI spec file

To render your OpenAPI spec in Doctave, first you need to include your OpenAPI specification in your project directory.

This demo has an example project at openapi-example.yaml. You can replace it with your own specification to see how we render your API references.

After this, specify the file in the doctave.yaml settings file:

  - spec_file: openapi-example.yaml
    uri_prefix: /api/reference

Include the reference in your navigation

Next, you'll want to add links to your API docs to a navigation.yaml file so your users can find them.

In this demo, we've added the API documentation under the API Reference tab, which is in the api folder. The tab has its own navigation under api/navigation.yaml with the following section:

- heading: Example API
    - open_api_spec: openapi-example.yaml

This will generate links for each tag and operation.

Done ๐Ÿš€

You should now see links to your OpenAPI tags in the left side navigation!

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